The Black Feminist Fund: Calling on all Black feminist Activists are changing the world

About the Opportunity:

The purpose of the Black Feminist Fund is to significantly increase the resources available to Black feminist movements. When Black feminist groups have the resources they deserve, they are strengthened to transform societies. Moving resources over the long term to Black feminist movements unlocks the power and potential of this change. We make grants to Black feminist groups that have bold visions, are using innovative strategies and taking daring action towards self-determination, justice, solidarity and equity.

Benefits of the Opportunity:

There are 2 Types of Funds; The Sustain Fund and the Solidarity Fund;

  • The Sustain Fund provides core, long-term, flexible grants to Black feminist groups, collectives, organisations and consortium who work to build collective power, claim justice and create alternatives.

  • The Solidarity Fund supports timely, one-off initiatives that respond to or create an opportunity for change; enable solidarity across geographies, movements or people; seed a new project, new collective or new idea; or support wellness, safety and security.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Black Feminist Fund provides funding and accompaniment to Black feminist groups in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

  • We make grants to Black feminist groups and work with groups that are led by Black women, girls and gender expansive people.

Application Deadline:

01 August 2022

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