SEDA opens Applications for the Technology Transfer Assistance Programme Entrepreneurs

About the Opportunity:

The Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) and its agencies Seda and Sefa has an objective to support SMMEs and Cooperatives to participate in the mainstream economy.

  • The Technology Transfer Assistance (TTA) has defined the “second economy”, as broadly referring to informal enterprises, with unskilled to semi-skilled human resources, limited sales turnover, limited assets, and thus limited capacity to obtain financing for equipment.

  • Incentivised support to acquire innovative, production-enhancing technology, which aims to assist small and micro enterprises in the second economy to grow, and propel them to start competing in the mainstream economy.

Benefits for the Opportunity:

  • Technical Support

  • Financial Support

  • Access to Markets

  • Mentorship and Training

Supported Sectors:

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive services

  • Digital Technology (The Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, System Integration, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Systems, Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics)

  • Personal care (hair and beauty salons)

  • Creative Industries

  • Bulk Paper Industries

  • Industrial Garden Services

  • Household Services, laundry and dry-cleaning

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Fully completed business case form (application form), describing the business, number of employees, customers, innovative technology required, and job creation potential

  • 3 comparable quotations from reputable and CSD-registered suppliers for each item requested

  • Access to secure premises and appropriate production infrastructure

  • Fully developed product and proof of a viable market

  • Proof of business registration

  • Tax compliant pin

  • Company financial records

  • Owners and employees must have basic industry knowledge

Application Deadline:

01 July 2022

To Apply, please download the Business Case form (application form), please click:

For more information, please click:

Contact Details:


Tel: 0860 103 703

Physical Address:

The Fields, Office Block A, 1066 Burnett Street Hatfield 0833 Pretoria Postal Address: P.O Box 56714, Arcadia, 0007 Tel: +27 12 441 1000 Fax: +27 12 441 2064

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