Raizcorp: Creating, Supporting and Scaling Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

About the Opportunity Our purpose is to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs. Raizcorp is obsessed with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. We offer world-class incubation and business acceleration for entrepreneurs, we execute enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs on behalf of corporates, we also train corporate leadership teams and sales teams to think more entrepreneurially, we provide curated scale-up equity (investment) to entrepreneurs who are scaling their businesses, we also educate school children to become more entrepreneurially minded, and finally we assist governments and developmental agencies to set up entrepreneurial infrastructure at a country level.

Raizcorp Arize business development and growth programs are fully sponsored by corporate sponsors. Our range of programs caters to entrepreneurs across all industries and at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey: from aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea or want to commercialize an idea to already trading entrepreneurs who want to become more sustainable and profitable and those who are ready to scale their businesses.

What we offer

Entrepreneurs who are accepted onto Raizcorp’s sponsored business growth programs not only receive internationally accredited training, they also receive access to the Raizcorp value stack as described below.

  • Access to finance

  • Access to markets

  • Access to specialists

  • Entrepreneurial learning

  • Access to infrastructure

  • Back-office support

  • The Raizcorp community

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Centex Close, Sandton, 2148, South Africa. +27 11 566 2000

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