Open Technology Fund (OTF): Applications are Open for the Internet Freedom Fund

About the Opportunity

The Internet Freedom Fund is OTF's primary way to support projects and people working on open and accessible technology-focused projects that promote human rights, Internet freedom, open societies.

OTF aims to support technologists and activists bring to life ideas that advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks, counteract censorship and surveillance, and mitigate digital security threats to Internet freedom specifically for at-risk-users, journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists and others living in repressive environments. OTF prioritizes projects coming from individuals or organizations who are applying for the first time, identify as under-represented within the field, and address areas that are underfunded.

The Internet Freedom Fund accepts applications on a rolling basis and is done in a two-stage-process. Applications are submitted as concept notes, upon positive review, OTF invites the applicant to submit a full proposal.


The projects and people we support all fall into one or more of the following areas: Technology Development,

  • Applied Research,

  • Digital Security Support,

  • Events.

Submission Deadline:

01 November 2021

Funding Information:

Minimum of $10,000 and maximum of $900,000 for a year-long contract. Note, however, that OTF’s target support ceiling is $300,000; most supported efforts receive between $50,000 and $200,000.

Looking For:

They support organizations and individuals that are:

  • Working on projects that will directly benefit those living in the world’s most oppressive censorship and surveillance environments;

  • Located in or have direct experience with communities in the Global South;

  • Come from or have direct experience with repressive censorship and surveillance environments;

  • Come from or have direct experience with underrepresented and/or targeted minority groups, including those with a focus on human rights, LGBT, journalism, media, or activism.

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Contact Details:


Tel: (202) 983-0471


2101 L St NW #300

Washington, DC 20037 USA

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