MakersHub Business Growth Programme

About the Opportunity

The MakersHub Business Growth Programme is specifically for self-employed people, or small business owners in the construction / artisan industry (plumbers, general repairers, electricians, welders etc).

MAKERSHUB takes businesses to a place of stability, formalization and growth.

Benefits of the Opportunity

  • Free training, business resources and mentorship

  • Access to office space

  • Access to funding and

  • Access to various industry experts.

Required Criteria:

To avoid disappointment, we try our utmost to communicate our eligibility requirements above all. These are:

  • Candidates need to be based in or around JHB.

  • Candidates need to be between 20 – 50 years old.

  • Candidates need to be South African citizens, or permanent residents

  • The need to have an existing business, older than 6 months.

  • The business needs to be artisan/construction related

Submission Deadline:

11 February 2022

To Apply please click:

Contact Details

MakersHub Selection Team:


Whatsapp: 066 579 7616

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