Inqola FEED Innovation Prize 2021 Now Open For Entrepreneurs with Internet-Based Solutions

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

About the Opportunity

The Prize was created to highlight ideas and solutions that have the potential to create a meaningful impact on the food system in South Africa. Globally, we are seeing an ever-increasing use of technology to drive change in the food system – innovators are finding new methods of farming, including in the harshest conditions, or in urban environments, finding new pathways for food to reach people, or new ways to decrease or re-utilize waste generated from food. The food system is ripe for innovation, and tech has a critical role to play. FEED and partners believe that a more open and participatory food system is the best path to creating a more equitable one. We advocate for giving people the tools for creating change in their own lives, and our activities in the food system revolve around systemic changes that would enable this shift.

Who should enter?

The following is the criteria of Solutions we are looking for:-

  • Solutions can be existing or new

  • if you have an existing Solution, enter and tell us about the next stage of your development, an innovative or interesting idea that would take you to the next stage of your development, or your plans for future success.

  • if you have an idea for a new Solution, enter and tell us what your idea or innovation will be, how you intend to develop it, and the team you have put together to execute your plan.

  • Solutions must be Internet-based (i.e. apps, platforms, and/or websites)

  • Solutions must focus on execution in South Africa

  • Solutions must have a legally registered entity in South Africa (if collaborating with partners, one entity must be selected as the lead entity for entry)

  • Only the online entry form (accessible after registering for the Prize) will be deemed as an acceptable form of entry

What will you win?

The winner will receive R100,000 and the runner-up will receive R50,000.


25 June 2021 at 17:00 (South African Standard Time)

To apply, please click:

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Kensington, Johannesburg

South Africa,


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