Gender Equality & Macroeconomics Small Grants Programme Call for Proposals for Women Activists

About the Opportunity:

The Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) team at the Bretton Woods project calls for proposals from Global South women’s rights and economic justice organisations who are seeking financial support for programming and advocacy activities that contribute to addressing the ways in which macroeconomic policies promoted by international financial institutions (IFIs) undermine women’s rights and gender equality.

The Fund

With a budget of $35,000, we are able to offer a limited number of organisations grants. We will support projects that align with the aims of the GEM project, and particularly encourage women’s rights organisations to apply. We will prioritise funding smaller organisations who might have less access to mainstream sources of funding. For a full list of criteria, please see below.


  • The applying organisation is a women’s rights organisation.

  • The applying organisation is relatively small – where a small grant can make a big difference

  • The proposed project relates to the IMF or World Bank, and/or focuses on countries where IMF or World Bank programmes are in place or being actively negotiated.

  • The proposed project focuses on themes within gender equality and macroeconomics that remain under explored.

  • The proposed project offers synergies with the work of structural project partners.

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Small grants of up to USD $11,500 to be spent directly on project work aligned with the Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) project aims

Application Deadline:

26 June 2022

For more information, please click on the link below:

To Apply, please click on the link below:

Contact Details:


Tel: +44 (0)20 3122 0547


Bretton Woods Project

c/o Action Aid

33-39 Bowling Green Lane

London EC1R 0BJ

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