FNB Supplier Development Programme

About the Opportunity

FNB has partnered with Edge Growth to deliver a new and exciting fully-digitized program aimed at empowering SMEs of all sizes and industries. This program will allow SMEs to engage through leveraged online platforms in order to access practical business development tools and resources while at the same time participating virtually in interactive group mentorship sessions with like-minded SMEs and industry experts.

The FNB Supplier Development Programme’s key objectives include:

  1. To Diagnose: Obtaining holistic information about the business owner and the business to determine the main needs for the business area and how best these needs can be addressed.

  2. To Support: Providing SMEs with relevant and topical information, tools, and resources (to solve business challenges) in conjunction with platforms for group learning, sharing, and networking.

  3. To Evaluate: Establishing engagement and evaluating the SME's ability to implement interventions based on support provided.

This innovative new program presents a great opportunity for those entrepreneurs that are facing increasing pressures and demands on their time and energy!

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