Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation Call for Proposals for organizations in South Africa

About the Opportunity:

Fund for Local cooperation is part of Finland's Development Policy. The priorities for the FLC funding of the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria include economic development and entrepreneurship, democracy and the functioning of societies.

The Embassy of Finland in Pretoria invites South African civil societyorganizations and innovation support organizations to submit concept notes to apply for funding from the Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC).

Civil society actors working in this field can apply for funding for projects in the following areas:

  1. Strengthening of private sector and job creation through innovation development and entrepreneurship in circular economy The Embassy aims to support the development of innovative circular economy solutions in South Africa. It does this by channelling funding to innovation support organizations providing acceleration services for innovative start-up companies with circular economy business models. Such models include e.g. product as a service, renewability, sharing platforms, extending the product life cycle and resource efficiency and recycling.

  • A maximum of 2 – 3 innovation support organizations will be selected and supported. Funding per project will range between 120 000 – 250 000 EUR, and can be granted for a duration of one to two years. After the initial round, there may be additional funding made available.

2. Good governance and vibrant democracy

  • This focal area focuses on strengthening the role of civil society in advancing human rights, good and accountable governance and vibrant democracy. Corruption and misuse of funds prevent the achievement of development and realization of human rights. Improved transparency can inspire community action around issues that matter to residents, and promote participation in problem-solving. The projects sought for funding can be aimed e.g. at promoting good governance, promoting access to information, increasing participation in the South African democratic political system, and fighting against corruption.

  • A maximum of 2 – 3 project partners will be selected and supported in South Africa. Funding per project will be between 80 000 – 120 000 EUR, and can be granted for a duration of one to two years

Benefits of the Opportunity:

Funding for your project

Eligibility Criteria:

Any organisation/project selected for funding has to meet the following criteria and present the information in the proposal document:

  • be ODA eligible

  • be a South African civil society or private sector organization

  • be registered and legally competent

  • have been operational for a minimum of three years

  • have at least 10% of funding from at least one other source (not including in-kind contributions)

  • have a functional board of directors

  • be a non-partisan organization

  • demonstrate past success in related area of work to this call for proposals

  • have a solid financial management system including regular financial audits, and a reliable monitoring, evaluation and reporting system

  • have a sufficient infrastructure and human resources in South Africa

  • demonstrate experience of working with an international donor or other external financier

Application Deadline:

29 July 2022

To Apply:

  • Interested applicants are requested to submit a concept note to the Embassy of Finland,

  • The concept note should be no more than 4 pages in length. Please fill in the application electronically, as no hand-written applications will be taken into consideration.

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Contact Details:


Phone: 012 343 0275

Fax: 012 343 3095

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