Enygma Ventures: Applications are now Open for the Business Funding Program for Women

About the Opportunity:

  • Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose driven investment fund, led by award winning entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. We understand the struggles and challenges of building big businesses, having built big businesses themselves. They wholeheartedly believe in win/win scenarios for the investor and entrepreneur and therefore have the ability to create flexible financial solutions with efficient & strategic deployment of capital whilst providing helpful tailored support. .

  • They believe it's time for businesses to seize the moment, adapt, change and reinvent in order to build a better world. In partnership with Pranary they have launched a program to help support new and existing businesses that are focused on solving issues and systemic problems to help build a new world going forward.

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Access to Funding

  • Access to Markets

  • Business Development Support

  • Business Mentorship and Coaching

Eligibility Criteria:

They are looking for:

  • Woman founded/led or empowering of women

  • Scalable

  • A unique defensible business proposition

  • A dynamic entrepreneur(s) with demonstrated ability to execute

  • A proven revenue model & business concept

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Demonstrated growth

  • Looking for early stage or growth capital

  • Are based in SADC region

Application Deadline:

31 August 2022

To Apply, please click:

For more Information, please click:

Contact Details:


Tel: +27 78 196 8792

Whatsapp: +27 78 196 8792

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