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About the Opportunity

You are an African or European start-up or SME looking for orientation on what kind of support we can provide you? Start with an assessment of your company's current needs and find the matching support services and programs across the entire ENRICH in Africa innovation ecosystem.

Whether you run an incubator or accelerator program or are an innovator seeking support, we offer something for you! Connect with us to find out more


14 June 2021

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Supporting startups and micro/small and medium enterprises to accelerate and grow through various services ‘powered by EiA’. You can participate in incubation programs on both continents, gain access to finance, open innovation challenges, e-pitching sessions, partner search, soft-landing services, and a community of bright-minded peers.

Accelerators & Incubators

From Khartoum to Dublin, Amsterdam to Dakar, the EiA Champions Network connects you with the knowledge, acceleration, and markets you need. Discover the selected EiA Champions and how you could join the community.

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