Coca-Cola South Africa's Youth Empowerment Programme: "BIZNIZ IN A BOX"

About the Opportunity

In a bid to reduce unemployment in South Africa, CCBSA together with its partners has to date trained over 570 young entrepreneurs and helped 70 of them take their businesses to the next level, through its Youth Empowerment Programme.

Bizniz in a Box aims to create an ecosystem of viable micro-businesses offering complementary products and services in a community, using a spaza shop as the anchor. Each business operates out of a custom-designed container. These businesses cover various needs of the local community, such as a business centre/internet café, a car wash, a fast-food shop or a mini baker.

“We are not looking to give out grants—we are offering an opportunity for committed young entrepreneurs to access the skills and funding they need to reach their potential,”

The journey to owning their businesses begins with a rigorous screening process to identify candidates within a community that CCBSA is targeting. Shortlisted candidates must be :

  • aged between 24 and 35,

  • be a resident in the community they want to conduct their business,

  • and they must have some form of entrepreneurial experience.

Diversity is a vital component of this program as it forms part of CCBSA’s journey towards a non-discriminatory business and social environment, so 30% of the cohort of youth engaged with must be female. As part of the diversity committee, CCBSA encourages disabled young people to participate in the program.

After the screening process, an assessment is conducted to give the candidates a chance to show their potential in a live environment. The shortlisted candidates are taken on a boot camp to acquire the basic entrepreneurial skills they need to manage their business. The training is rated NQF 2.

Those that proceed into the final phase will work in the micro-business they have chosen.

The container is stocked by CCBSA and its partners, and the entrepreneurs are assisted to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to allow them to run the business in line with regulation. Once an agreement is signed, they take legal ownership of the container and commence their repayments to SEFA.

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