Central Energy Fund: Corporate Social Investment

About the Opportunity

At the heart of CEF’s culture lies an uncompromising commitment to uplifting and developing South African society, especially among previously disadvantaged communities. We recognize that we have a transformative role to play in giving everyone in our country the opportunities to make the most of their talents and achieve a decent standard of living.

CEF invests in:

  • Early Childhood and Basic Education

  • Health and Wellness:

  • Capacity building and skills development for economic benefits:

  • Support for energy security and environmental astuteness:


All organisations and projects identified for financial support from CEF must:

  • Have an ultimate objective of improving the quality of life of members of disadvantaged communities within South Africa;

  • Have an established track record and be able to demonstrate compliance with codes of good practice and applicable SA legislations;

  • Demonstrate broad community support and involvement;

  • Preferably be implemented by government organisations or private organisations that are registered as Non Profit Organisations with the Department of Social Development’s NPO Directorate and have Section 18(A) tax exemption status; and

  • Prove that more than 75% of the beneficiaries are black people in accordance with the requirements of the scorecard of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment(BBBEE) Charter.

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