Bakeries And Confectioneries Business Support Scheme

About the Scheme

The scheme is aimed at supporting small scale bakeries and confectioneries operating as micro or informal businesses

What does it Do:

Financial Support (loans)

• Maximum of R20, 000 working capital for bakeries which is inclusive of revolving credit facility

• Maximum of R10, 000 working capital for confectioneries which is inclusive of revolving credit facility

• Facilitate access to bulk buying and SEFA-backed revolving credit facility for input materials through participating wholesalers

• Optional to the scheme is a contribution towards a once-off cost of equipment (paid directly to equipment supplier) based on needs

Business Development Support

• Assist with compliance with Minimum Bread and Confectionery Nutritional Requirements (approved dough mix) and the related testing;

• Facilitate compliance with Environmental Health and Food Safety Regulations;

• Training on shop floor management and conformity; and

• Business and financial management training and mentorship

• Facilitate stepped-up access to market through off-take agreements

Who can apply?

• Owner-managed micro, informal (home-based) and cooperative bakeries and confectioneries

• Bakeries and confectioneries with turnover of less than R500, 000 can apply for both financial and business development support

• Small-scale bakeries and confectioneries with turnover of more than R500, 000 only qualify for business development support

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Contact Details:

0860 663 7867 or 0860 |

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