Applications Open for the International Innovation Challenge Advanced Technologies For Textile

About the Opportunity:

The textile and sportswear industries are facing industrial challenges, linked to providing long-lasting and high performance products whilst considering environmental concerns and versatility.

This is why Decathlon, a world leader in its market, is calling on external researchers and startup businesses that can offer innovative solutions for one of the following topics:

  • Combining moisture management (moisture and sweat evaporation during practice) with odour control (deodorising after activity and usage)

  • Long-lasting water repellent properties

Targeted Beneficiaries:

  • RESEARCHER or INNOVATOR: Looking to connect with the industry or fund a research project

  • EARLY-STAGE STARTUP: With innovative technologies or solutions looking for industrial applications

  • MATURE STARTUP or SME: With established solutions and looking to scale

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Access to R&D platforms, equipped with all the prototyping, testing and production equipment

  • A fully-financed prototype or PoC with innovation and product teams

  • Scaling with a global network of manufacturers and partners

Submission Deadline:

25 April 2022

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