Applications are open for the Google News Equity Fund; for Hustlers in the news/Journalism Industry

About the Opportunity:

Google has launched a ‘News Equity Fund’, a global commitment to provide financial support and opportunities to news organizations that primarily serve underrepresented communities.

Our aim is to strengthen inclusion, further empower a diverse news ecosystem, and specifically support small and medium sized publishers creating original journalism for underrepresented audiences around the world.

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Funding :Funds will be disbursed in one installment. Funding amounts will vary depending on the size of the newsroom and number of eligible applications received.

  • Business Support

  • Mentorship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Small and medium-sized news organizations producing original news for underrepresented audiences.

  • The News Equity Fund is open to independent newsrooms employing between 1 - 50 full-time journalists (FTE).

  • Eligible applicants may include for-profit or nonprofit traditional news organizations, digital natives, newsletters, podcasts, radio and/or TV broadcasters, and trade press associations whose members cover underrepresented groups.

  • Eligible applicants should publish journalistic content regularly.

  • Eligible applicants need to have a focus on core news provision, i.e. not lifestyle, sports.

  • Eligible applicants must have a verifiable digital presence (such as a website primarily providing journalistic content) and have been in full operation for at least 12 months.

  • Incorporated or registered associations or organizations, registered academic or non-profit bodies representing underrepresented journalists and organizations are all eligible to apply as long as you are based in one of the eligible geographies.

Application Deadline:

21 July 2022

To Apply, please click:

For more Information, please click:

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