Applications are open for The Co-Operatives Development Support Programme (CDSP)

About the Opportunity:

The Co-operatives Development Support Programme (CDSP) is a programme of the Department of Small Business Development with an objective to support co-operative enterprises financially and non-financially in partnership with other key strategic stakeholders (DFIs, Municipalities and Private Sector, etc.). The Co-operatives Act, No. 14 of 2005 and Co-operatives Amended Act, No. 6 of 2013, and Strategy provide the legal basis for the development of this programme. The programme is targeted at compliant South African registered co-operatives that possess experience and participate in any of the economic sectors.

CDSP places priority on co-operative enterprises owned by black persons targeting especially those in rural, township and peri-urban areas and prioritizing majority participation of women, youth and persons living with disabilities. The co-operatives must demonstrate potential and/or capacity to produce, manufacture and supply goods and services to public and private sectors on a sustainable basis. In partnership with other institutions, the CDSP programme offers blended financing to eligible co-operatives on cost-sharing funding of a combination of a grant and loan. The grant funding portion of funding is capped at R2.5 million towards qualifying activities.

Eligible Enterprises:

Primary Co-Operatives

To be eligible for CDSP, a primary co-operative enterprise must satisfy all the mandatory requirements as set out below:

  • Be incorporated and registered in South Africa in terms of the Co-operatives Act, Act No 14 of 2005;

  • Be a primary co-operative with a majority black membership;

  • Have business activities in any economic sector;

  • Adhere to co-operative principles;

  • Be biased towards women, youth and persons living with disabilities; and

  • Expected to furnish proof of training or experience of all members of a primary co-operative in the areas of co-operative governance, business management and technical training in fulfillment of the agreement entered with CDSP.

Benefits of the program:

  • Access to Finance

  • Access to Markets

  • Business Development Support (training, mentorship and coaching)

  • Access to Resources

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