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About the Opportunity

Finding and co-creating innovative solutions to support infrastructure, transportation, and better waste disposal with LIMA EXPRESA and VINCI Highways group in partnership with Seedstars and Pro Innvovaten

Join the call for the Open Innovation Program to foster Smart Cities Startups!

Choose Your Challenge: Smart Cities:

  • Accident and Incident Detection and Prevention: How to identify and reduce accident detection time?

  • Smart Roads: Data from Customers Solutions to obtain massive data from users in Smart Roads with current infrastructure

  • Waste Management & Circular Economy: How to manage 20 tons of waste per day? Collect, segregate and recycle disposals on the roads

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Prize: Grant around up to 1,291,000 PEN*** (around 346,000 USD) for all winning solutions to implement the co-development project that meets the challenges proposed. The amount will be split as follows in the Prize & Collaboration section

  • Co-create solutions: LIMA EXPRESA & winning Startups led by Seedstars (structure, mentoring, and tools for business design).

  • Own and sell your product/service: IP - Intellectual Property, and startup technology / purchased by LIMA EXPRESA and VINCI Highways, becoming the startups’ client.

  • Purchase: After the co-development process, LIMA EXPRESA and the rest of the concessions of the VINCI Group could purchase the solution, becoming clients of the startup.

  • Expand your business: opportunity to internationalize your product/service to VINCI Highways Center of Excellence.

  • Network and mentoring from executives: at LIMA EXPRESA and VINCI Highways Startups gain knowledge of market needs thanks to the experience, network and knowledge of the group.

Submission Deadline:

15 April 2022

To Apply, please click:

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Contact Details:

Monica Gomez Espadero


Tel: +57 3156288993

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