African Culture Fund Call for Proposal: Solidarity Fund for African Artists & Cultural Organisations

About the Opportunity:

The African Culture Fund / Fonds Africain pour la Culture (ACF) is launching this fourth batch of calls for projects, dedicated exclusively to individual artists, in the framework of the Solidarity Fund for Artists and Cultural Organizations in Africa (SOFACO), in order to support African artists who are severely affected by the harmful effects of Covid-19.



  • Be an artist with at least five years of experience, practicing and residing in Africa;

  • Demonstrate a situation of vulnerability (or a shortfall) arising from the Covid-19 health crisis;

  • Submit a project request for subsistence (food grant, health grant or professional grant) OR for assistance to creation (artistic creation or innovation within the context of Covid-19).

Types of Grants:

For this fourth call “Special Covid-19 / Individual Artists “, ACF supports requests in the following two categories of projects:

Category 1: Applications for subsistence grants

  • These relate to food grants, health grants and professional grants

Category 2: Requests for assistance to creation

  • These requests relate to artistic creation or innovation projects adapted to the context of Covid-19 in Africa

Submission Deadline:

05 December 2021

How to Apply: AND

  • Applications can be submitted in English or French.

Contact Details:

email: :

Tel: : (+223) 20 20 43 45

(+223) 82 11 01 27


Bamako, Faso Kanu-Sogoniko district, Rue 80 Porte 186

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