Africa No Filter: Grants open to fund women storytellers and content creators

About the Opportunity:

The latest media grant by Africa No Filter will only fund women storytellers

Women’s voices are still underrepresented in the media. To help close this gap, the latest Media Grants by Africa No Filter are aimed exclusively at women storytellers and women-owned media organisations and outlets.

This grant call-out wants to contribute to an increase in African female storytellers and content creators and to give space to voices that are historically misrepresented and underrepresented across the continent.

Who should Apply:

  • Journalists

  • Bloggers

  • Vloggers

  • Content creators

  • Podcasters

  • Film makers


They should also be involved in at least one of the following:

Submission Deadline:

11 April 2022

Benefits of the Opportunity:

  • Individual Project Support grants worth up to $10,000

  • Organisations can apply for Operational Support and Capacity-Building grants of up to $25,000.

To Apply, please click:

  • Apply as Individual;

  • Apply as Organization;

For more information, please click:

Contact Details:


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