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Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) in partnership with the National Treasury Jobs Fund invites suitably qualified farmers to apply for support from the DALRRD/Jobs Fund Programme. The main objective is to commercialize black smallholder farmers. Through this fund, the selected farmers must be able to demonstrate expansion and growth in their production and contribute to economic growth through creation of new sustainable permanent jobs and food security

Individuals or groups with the intention to or already engaged in agricultural activities but lacking resources to grow are advised to visit or contact their nearest (to the project/ farm) Regional or Provincial Department of Agriculture for further information and assistance. Provincial Departments of Agriculture are responsible for implementing DALRRD support programme geared towards farmer development

Focus Areas:

  • Livestock

  • Industrial Crops

  • Horticulture


The funding amount will not exceed R5 million and this will be considered per application submitted

• Smallholder farmers must have a minimum turnover of R200 000, 00 (to submit financial records).

• Certified South African Identity Document, not older than six months.

• Tax clearance certificate and business registration documents.

• Submission of a feasible business plan. • Valid confirmation of land tenure/ ownership (title deed, tribal resolution, permission to occupy, minimum 10 years lease agreement).

• Already actively farming and indicating of the ability to expand.

• Demonstrate the ability to create new full time permanent,

• mental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate where applicable.

• Proof of access to sufficient water use for both current and planned expansion

Submission Deadline:

15 November 2021

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