The Hustlers Networking is a business opportunity linkage system for Hustlers (Entrepreneurs) that need business support to put their businesses in a better position. We provide a seamless connection between you  (the Hustler) and opportunity providers, enabling all parties to engage. We research and provide hustlers with relevant and reliable business support opportunities in SA.


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Founder & CEO

Rivalani Mangwani, is well known as Ribz. He is a Soweto born leader with a passion for Enterprise Development. Ribz is a Co-Founder of the Hustlers Networking and Director of Black Signatcha Apparel. He believes that working with Entrepreneurs is his calling.  He is skilled in administrative systems and management as well as intellectual property.


Mathe is an introverted leader, he prefers to work silently in the background. He has an advertising and media background, he has worked on some of the biggest brands in SA. Mathe is our Product Development Strategist.


Vusi Madlala is a Strategist and Product Developer at Black Signatcha Apparel. With more than 8 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Vusi has seen it all. He has experience in event management, fashion designing, social media, tour and artist management. He is now driven by the development of successful habits and the winning mindset of your creative entrepreneurs.


Lufuno is an enthusiastic, reliable, and conscientious ambivert, who enjoys variety and challenge. He's a business developer with a sales and marketing background. Lufuno Identifies strategic opportunities and drives business growth to create long-term organisational value.